Last Wednesday I attended an event of the luxurious French brand – Lalique, which once was founded in Paris in 1888, by the jeweler René Lalique. I learned, that before Mr. Lalique created his own label, he worked for the well known names like Cartier. At the beginning, he designed jewellery and later began designing bottles for famous Francois Coty. Today, Lalique produces an array of luxury products in five main categories: jewellery, decorative items, interior design, perfumes and art.

I have immensely looked forward to the event. I suspected that it will be great, but so much beauty and luxury I did not expect. After entering the Lalique store, which I would prefer to call a large cozy living room, I was kindly welcomed with a smile and a morning coffee. Oh what a joy.

Just today, Lalique celebrates a decade of the popular men’s perfume Encre Noire, composed of nine basic scents, such as sandalwood or bergamon, which makes the fragrance very masculine and sensual. Perfume comes in a minimalist glass cube of dark cognac color and with a black wooden cap. Very elegant.

Another perfume that enchanted me, is Or Intemporel 1888 in a golden and majestic art deco perfume bottle. It smells of addictive tobacco and coffee, as well as cardamon and black pepper, with a hint of vanilla.

The latest decorative items are 13 fragranted candles in a glass candleholder. The different scents range from rose, vanilla, orange blossom, ginger, figs, to my beloved peonies, which carries you away to Japan, Indonesia, Russia or Morocco.

Another crystal candle holder, which is painted with a beautiful golden birds also caught my eye. The smell of the candle has a story and it takes you on an endless journey of Columbus traveling all the seas to find a treasure.



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Ema, 34y. Born in slovakia. Raced in Prague – Czech Republic. Found love in Switzerland. Part time assistant. Part time blogger. Fashion lover.

Leider konnte ich an der Präsentation der Neuheiten nicht teilnehmen – Ema war stellvertretend dabei und hat für meinen Blog berichtet. Vielen Dank Ema.
Herzlichen Dank an Lalique und GRAUWILER I TESTA Public Relations (Viktoria) für die Einladung und die schöne Kerze, welche mein Heim schmückt <3

Die Lalique Boutique befindet sich an der Talstrasse 27 in 8001 Zürich. Hier findet ihr folgende Neuheiten:

  • Parfüm & Duftkerzen
  • Foulards-Kollektion in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Zürcher Seidenhaus Fabric Frontline
  • Kristall & Interior-Kollektion

-> weitere Infos gibt es auf der Homepage